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My friend Pius

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 | Going Deeper | Comments Off on My friend Pius

On Sunday I had the honor of hanging out with Pius.  I first met Pius in Rwanda when I was there last year.  He is the Director of the Good News Prison Ministry in Rwanda and is in charge of all the prison chaplains in the country.  More than a dozen of his family were killed in the Genocide and yet, through the grace and forgiveness of Christ, he is able to minister to the very people who devastated his life.  He is a testimony to what God can do in the life of one surrendered to Him.

As I mentioned, I did a counselor training there last year and Pius informed me that they are using my training every day in every prison in Rwanda.  How amazing is that?! God is so good!  I dream of returning to Rwanda for an entire month to work with Pius and within the prisons to continue the training with his chaplains and staff.  I am praying for open doors to do just that.  We will see….

Once Upon a Time

Saturday, September 26th, 2009 | Going Deeper | Comments Off on Once Upon a Time

As I prepare to teach a class tonight, I was thinking about our individual stories that we call life.  When asked about our lives we describe what we do, who we are related to, and memories along the way.  When I watch a play or movie, all the people in the production have their own stories, but somehow everyone fits into a bigger story with a moral and a happy ending.  I think that’s us.  We become so consumed with our own stories that we forget the Big Story, God’s Story that we’re living in.  In my story, suffering makes no sense and it to be avoided at all cost.  In God’s Story, suffering is redeemed and used to promote the Story.

Above is a picture of a field in Rwanda where Genocide criminals serve time after prison and everything they earn goes to the families whose lives they destroyed.  To the individuals, both the victims and the workers in this field, how do their stories makes sense without some bigger Story to redeem them?  If God can’t heal, restore, and redeem us then our individual stories are just sad.  But if God can do all He says He can do, then our stories are the characters in His Story about making all things new.  Our stories become how He tells His Story.  I want a part in that drama!

AACC Conference

Sunday, September 20th, 2009 | Going Deeper | Comments Off on AACC Conference

I just got home from the AACC World Conference after a LONG ride from Nashville to Savannah through the middle of the night.  What an adventure!  I heard from some of the most brilliant Christian thinkers of our time and left exhausted in the best sense.  I also was honored to speak with about 400 counselors about The Art of Breathing, although the focus was mainly on the treatment of trauma.  I heard from many that the presentation not only helped them in their ministries but also personally, proving that God heals through His designed process.  It’s interesting to me that God heals sometimes just by us comprehending the process, not because we have yet engaged in it.  My conclusion from the conference is this: it’s all about God.  Period.  It’s all about His healing, His abilities, and our connection to Him.

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